Payment process

Referee Payment Procedure

The purpose of the EODSA Centralized Referee Payment procedure is to optimize the referee payment procedure for all leagues where the game officials are appointed by the EODSA. This will offer a better service to Referees and remove a substantial operating cost from those Leagues who decide to participate. It will also offer a cost saving to the Clubs as well.

The following Leagues will be given the opportunity to participate in the program for games played in the EODSA, SNE and ARSO Districts:


Game Fees
The EODSA will set game fees for the following Leagues:


For the Leagues where game fees are set by the EODSA the following procedure will be used to determine the game fees:

a) In October the EODSA Referee Development Committee will recommend the game fees for the following season.

b) The recommendation will be tabled at the November EODSA Board Meeting and will either be approved as is or amended and approved.

c) Following approval by the EODSA Board the fee structure will be distributed to all EODSA Clubs before the end of November.

d) The game fees will be presented as part of the budget at the EODSA Annual General Meeting in January and will either be approved as is or amended and approved.

e) The home club will be invoiced the full amount of the referee and AR game fee for positions appointed by the EODSA.

Travel Reimbursment Fees.
The EODSA Referee travel reimbursement policy will apply to all games played in the EODSA when the game official is appointed by the EODSA.

The home Club will be invoiced by the EODSA when a travel reimbursement fee is given to a referee or assistant referee.

EODSA Referee Education Bonus.
The EODSA Referee education bonus will apply to all games played in the EODSA when the game official is appointed by the EODSA.

The home Club will be invoiced by the EODSA when a education bonus is given to a referee or assistant referee.

Payment Procedure.
Clubs will be invoiced an estimate by the EODSA for their Referee fees plus service charges on May 1st of each year. Normal EODSA procedures will apply for late delivery of payment from the Club. The estimate will be for the total amount that the club paid in the previous year.

Following each game the Referee must perform the following duties so that he/she may be paid:

a) The Referee must submit an on line game report on the assignment system.

b) The Referee must submit completed game sheets to the League office.

Until the Referee completes both of these he/she will not be paid for the game.

The League office host must acknowledge on the assignment system that the game sheets have been received at the League office. Only when this occurs will the game be approved for payment by the EODSA.

Referee payment statements will be generated on the following dates:

    July 2nd
    August 1st
    September 1st
    September 30th

The cheques will be mailed to the Referee at the mailing address he/she supplies in the assignment system. Cheques may not be collected from the EODSA Office.

Referees will be able to view a report on the assignment system indicating when each game fee will be paid.

At the conclusion of the outdoor season, the EODSA will send a balance statement to the Clubs indicating the games that they have hosted and the costs associated with hosting those games. Depending on the estimate paid in May, Clubs will either be invoiced a balance or issued a refund. 

The home clubs will be invoiced the full amount for hosting that game and will include

  • Referee and AR game fees
  • Any travel fees paid to the game officials
  • Any EODSA education bonus fee paid to the game officials
  • All administration costs in the referee assignment and payment process
If the EODSA is unable to assign a referee or AR to a game, the home club will not be charged for that position in the clubs final invoice. In these circumstances if the home club subsequently arranges for alternate referees or ARs to fulfill the role, then the home club is responsible for compensating these alternate officials at the regular game fee rate.

During the season, the EODSA reserves the right to make an additional invoice to a Club if it is obvious that the initial invoice was severely short of the actual fee. This would typically occur due to a larger than expected travel reimbursement fee for the Club.

Incomplete and cancelled games
Referees will be paid the full game fee should they attend a game that was either postponed or not completed