Program overview

The EODSA Referee Education program is an annual program that attempts to improve the quality of officiating within the district. All referees in the EODSA referee pool can take part, however it is not mandatory.

Those referees who participate and pass the program can receive up to a 15% bonus on their game fees in 2016 for district level games only (OCSL, ERSL, NCISL). To participate a referee needs to register for the program and pay the registration fee ($25 in 2016)

The program has the following content

a) 6 education sessions (each session is repeated)
b) exam
c) fitness test

Qualification for the bonus is applied as follows

1. Referees who attend 4 out of 6 education sessions will receive a 5% bonus
2. Referees who obtain the 5% bonus for attending the education sessions will receive a further 5% bonus is they pass the exam
3. Referees who pass the exam will receive a further 5% bonus if they pass the appropriate fitness test for their classification