What changes have been made to the 2016 education program?
•    Referees will need to pay a $25 fee to be considered for the education bonus on their games fee for the 2016 season (OCSL, ERSL & NCISL)
•    Referees who fail the exam will no longer be able to request a reset
•    Referees who complete the full programme (classroom sessions, exam and fitness) will be entitled to 15% education bonus
•    Referees who complete the class room sessions, pass an exam but do not pass a fitness test will be entitled to 10% education bonus
•    A 6th session will be introduced. It will be a practical session on AR training

Why are you charging for referee education?
We are not charging for education.
If you just wish to attend the sessions they will continue to be free. The only people who will need to pay the $25 charge are those referees who wish to participate in the education bonus program on game fees.

So why are referees in the education bonus program being charged? It's always been free in the past.
The EODSA is under budget pressure from the clubs to cut expenses and the referee education bonus program represented a significant discretionary expense that needed change in order to continue. The $25 charge is a nominal fee that will help partially fund the education bonus program and thus allowing it to continue

Why are you eliminating the exam resit?
Creating a second exam is a significant amount of work for the EODSA staff. We feel that if referees properly prepare for the exam and use resources like the law book when completing it, a second exam is not necessary.
Why is the EODSA changing how the bonus percentages are awarded?
In the past referees who completed the classroom sessions were awarded a 5% bonus with a further 10% awarded to those who also passed both a fitness test and an exam.

This season class room sessions are base for 5%, then passing the exam for an addition 5% and then pass a fitness test to for a further 5%

Why are you adding a 6th session?
The 6th session will be a practical session outdoors held in May specifically on AR training. The role of assistant referee is as important to officiating as that of the centre referee. In 2016, the EODSA will be assigning AR's to more divisions.   This will be a practical session focused on being an effective AR so that we can ensure consistent training across the district.