EODSA Referee

The EODSA League is a new league for district (U13 - U18) and development level teams (U9 - U12).

Previously these divisions participated in the ERSL but a reorganization of youth soccer in 2021 allows the ERSL to now focus solely on regional play.

20 EODSA clubs will participate in the EODSA League in 2022 with a total of 288 teams

  • 127 boys development teams  (U9 - U12)
  • 67 girls development teams (U9 - U12)
  • 50 boys district teams (U13- U18)
  • 44 girls district teams (U13- U18)

The EODSA League will start its season on Monday May 16th.

Assignment for the league is split between the EODSA and the home clubs as follows

The EODSA will assign

  • Referee for U13 - U18
  • Referee for U9 - U12 Premier Division

The home club will assign

  • AR for U13 - U18
  • Referee for U9 - U12 Division 1 and 2

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