EODSA Referee

This season the EODSA will be assigning referees for the following leagues

  • Ottawa Carleton Soccer League, (Adult only)
  • East Region Soccer League (Youth only)
  • EODSA League (Youth and development league only)
  • Ottawa Adult Soccer Club, (Adult only. The OASC is the new name for the NCISL)

The new season is now upon us and we have already started to assign games for the first 3 weeks of the season. However it has become clear that many referees have still to update their Ref Centre accounts.

Please take a few minutes to perform the following tasks so we can offer you games

Please note that you must perform all 4 of the steps below to be correctly set up  

1. Log into Ref Centre  

2. Go to the Preference menu and check off the leagues that you would like to do
Click the Submit button to save  

3. Now stay in Preference menu and select Divisions
Click on each league and the divisions will appear
Check off the divisions that you would like to do.
Click the Submit button to save.  

4. Now go to the Games menu and select Availability.
Update your availability for May and June and click the Update button to save.

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