EODSA Referee

The Ottawa Adult Soccer Club is offering a hybrid model in 2022 with both 7 a side and 11 a side on offer.

The club, formally known as the NCISL, will continue to offer adult recreation soccer for its members.

47 teams will participate in the OASC in 2022 with their season starting on Monday May 16th.

On Monday 16 women's teams will play in a 7 a side league at the Richcraft Recreation Complex in two divisions

  • Women's Open
  • Women's Over 45 Divisions

The 7 a side format continues on Wednesday in an Over 35 Men Division.

However after a 2 year switch to 7 a side format, the men's open divisions return to an 11 a side format in three divisions

  • Division 1 (Tuesday)
  • Division 2 (Wednesday)
  • Division 3 (Thursday)

The men's open teams will also participate in a knock out cup competition throughout the summer.

The EODSA is responsible for assignment for the OASC.

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