EODSA Referee

We will be requiring Referees for all age levels in the OSU Nike Challenge Cup on May 20 and 21.  Standby referees for all of our locations will be required also.

If you are available to do games, please go to your refcentre account preferences. Go to Tournaments and select the following:

OSU Girls Nike Challenge Cup & OSU Boys Nike Challenge Cup

Next select Divisions.  In both of the above tournament listings, please select the Divisions you wish to officiate. Then set your availability for that weekend.

Below are details for the Festival.  This is a COMPETITIVE level Festival, not House League Level.

The OSU Challenge Cup has been a great summer event for over 27 years and will be certain to provide a high quality playing experience for all participating teams. To date, approximately 165 teams will be participating.

2023 Dates:

Girls Challenge Cup: Saturday, May 20

Boys Challenge Cup: Sunday, May 21

Festival Format

  1. 2 or 3 game Festival Format (all taking place on one day) depending on number of entered teams. In either format, teams will be allotted the maximum number of minutes permitted for a festival
  2. Schedules will be available approximately 7-10 days in advance of the event
  3. U8 is 5v5 & 30 minute games
  4. U9-U10 is 7v7
    Number of games are determined by the number of teams entered
        - 2 game format - 50 minute games (25 min halves)
        - 3 game format - 33 minute games (16min. halves)  
  5. U11-U12 is 9v9
    Number of games are determined by the number of teams entered
         - 2 game format - 70 minute games (35 min. halves )
         - 3 game format - 46 minute games (23 min. halves) 

I hope you will be able to participate in our Festival.

Questions ? Send an email to referees@osu.ca

Andy Weston

OSU Club Head Referee

Ottawa South United Soccer | referees@osu.ca | 613-697-4905

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