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Three beep tests have already been held but a additional test has now been scheduled as follows

Wednesday June 15th 5.00pm – 6.00pm at:

Potvin Field #4 Canotek Road Gloucester

Who needs to complete a Beep test?

Registration is mandatory for all beep tests and can only be made through your Ref Centre account. Please note that registration closes 4 days prior to the test.

This season the EODSA will be assigning referees for the following leagues

The new season is now upon us and we have already started to assign games for the first 3 weeks of the season. However it has become clear that many referees have still to update their Ref Centre accounts.

Please take a few minutes to perform the following tasks so we can offer you games

Please note that you must perform all 4 of the steps below to be correctly set up  

1. Log into Ref Centre  

2. Go to the Preference menu and check off the leagues that you would like to do
Click the Submit button to save  

3. Now stay in Preference menu and select Divisions
Click on each league and the divisions will appear
Check off the divisions that you would like to do.
Click the Submit button to save.  

4. Now go to the Games menu and select Availability.
Update your availability for May and June and click the Update button to save.

Restructuring of youth soccer in Eastern Ontario allows the ERSL to focus solely on Regional level soccer.

83 teams from 16 clubs will participate in the ERSL in 2022.

The ERSL will operate in 3 districts

The season starts on Monday May 16th

In the EODSA assignment responsibility is split between the EODSA and the home club as follows.

Games in SOSA and Soccer Outaouis are assigned by the district

The EODSA League is a new league for district (U13 - U18) and development level teams (U9 - U12).

Previously these divisions participated in the ERSL but a reorganization of youth soccer in 2021 allows the ERSL to now focus solely on regional play.

20 EODSA clubs will participate in the EODSA League in 2022 with a total of 288 teams

The EODSA League will start its season on Monday May 16th.

Assignment for the league is split between the EODSA and the home clubs as follows

The EODSA will assign

The home club will assign

After a difficult two years due to the pandemic the Ottawa Carleton Soccer League returns to full strength with 240 teams participating.

Clubs from the EODSA, SOSA and Soccer Outaouais make up this years league.

The OCSL season starts on the weekend of May 13th when the Premier and C1 divisions play at Franco Cite and Hillcrest HS.

The OCSL offers 5 men's competitive divisions with the Men's Premier being the highest level. Ontario Cup Champions Gloucester Celtic will again be the team to beat as they search for their 10th OCSL championship in a row.

On the women's side 24 competitive women's teams will participate in 3 divisions, Premier, C1 and C2.

The OCSL is also offering 8 recreational divisions (4 men and 4 women).

The Old Timers divisions will again play on Friday evenings. There will be 6 men over 35 divisions with 3 masters divisions for men over 50.

The EODSA will be assigning games for the OCSL when they are scheduled in the EODSA. Games played in SOSA and Soccer Outaouis will be assigned by those districts.

The Ottawa Adult Soccer Club is offering a hybrid model in 2022 with both 7 a side and 11 a side on offer.

The club, formally known as the NCISL, will continue to offer adult recreation soccer for its members.

47 teams will participate in the OASC in 2022 with their season starting on Monday May 16th.

On Monday 16 women's teams will play in a 7 a side league at the Richcraft Recreation Complex in two divisions

The 7 a side format continues on Wednesday in an Over 35 Men Division.

However after a 2 year switch to 7 a side format, the men's open divisions return to an 11 a side format in three divisions

The men's open teams will also participate in a knock out cup competition throughout the summer.

The EODSA is responsible for assignment for the OASC.

The Ontario Player Development League (OPDL) start their 2022 season with a round of matches in Ottawa on the weekend of May 7th.

Three Ottawa clubs are again participating in the league

There will be occasional matches during the week when the three local clubs square off but normally OPDL games will be scheduled on weekends.

Ontario Soccer is responsible for the referee assignment and payment for the OPDL with Chris Wade being the assigner for Eastern Ontario.

We hope to be back to a full schedule of tournaments for 2022.

We will post the tournament information on EODSARef as soon as we receive it.

Please note that the EODSA only sanctions the tournaments. Each tournament is hosted by a club and you will need to contact the host assigner if you need information or assistance.

All of these tournaments have been sanctioned.

DateTournamentHosted byAssignerAge groups
April 8th - 10thWesley Clover CupWest OttawaTim BaigentU13 - U18
April 15th - 17thCanada CupOttawa South UnitedAndy WestonU13 - U17
May 21st - 22ndSpring Kick Off ClassicOttawa South UnitedAndy WestonU8 - U12
June 18th - 19thCanada Cup TournamentOttawa TFCChris WadeU13 - U18
June 25th - 26thCanada Cup TournamentOttawa TFCChris WadeU8 - U12
July 9th - 10thGloucester BoysGloucester HornetsJason Gauthier U9 - U18
July 16th - 17thGloucester GirlsGloucester HornetsJason Gauthier U9 - U18
July 30th - August 1stChampions ShowcaseOttawa South UnitedAndy WestonU13 - U18
August 6th - 7thKicking in the Capital BoysOttawa CityOsman SaatciU13 - U18
September 10th - 11thKicking in the Capital GirlsOttawa CityOsman SaatciU13 - U18
October 8th - 10thThanksgiving InvitationalOttawa South UnitedAndy WestonU13 - U18
October 29th - 30thKicking in the Capital Fall ClassicOttawa CityOsman SaatciU13 - U18

The NCISL members have voted to rename their organization to the Ottawa Adult Soccer Club (OASC). The decision was made at their recent Annual General Meeting in January.

The league was formed in 1980 as a competition for corporations to enter teams made up of their employees. However, the league modified its rules in 2017 to an open player registration policy thereby allowing any adult to register for a team.

League President Tim Baigent explained the reasoning behind the change "Even though the NCISL is well known and respected in the Ottawa soccer community, the name no longer represents what our organization is. Our members recognized that this past move to an open player registration policy needs to be reflected in our identity if we are to grow as an organization."

Last year the NCISL operated a summer soccer season for adult recreational players with 45 teams participating in a 7v 7 league at the Richcraft Recreation Complex in Kanata.  However the league is currently planning a return to 11 v 11 soccer for the 2022 season.

To find out more please visit www.ottawaadultsoccer.com

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